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Two-Shot Mold

One- Shot, Three-Shot, Four-Shot Process, Add Logos / Graphics / Text, Complex Specialty Injection Mold, Two Color Plastic Parts, Cost-Effective

GC MOLD provides plastic injection molding solutions to industries of all types and sizes. Our state-of-the-art molding facilities include a variety of processing and finishing equipment to manufacture plastic parts from many types of molds, including complex specialty injection molds, such as:

  • Unscrewing molds
  • Insert molds
  • Stack molds
  • Two shot molds
  • And many other types

Two-Shot Molding(Double Injection Molding): Colorful Solutions for Plastic Parts

Two-Shot Molds (also three and four-shot) are a cost-effective method to produce plastic parts with two or more colors molded at the same time, such as radio control buttons or dashboard faceplates.

Two-Shot molding is a relatively new, rapidly growing technology. It is replacing older, two-step systems, eliminating a secondary process to add logos, graphics or text. New computer technology and advanced materials have promoted the growth of the two-shot process.

The two-shot process first injects one color material into the mold, then injects the second color around or over the first. There are also multi-shot processes for parts with more than two colors (tail-lights can have up to four colors, for example).

The two shot process allows you to:

  • Increase product features
  • Enhances design aesthetics
  • Reduce assembly steps and costs
  • Improve quality
  • Reduce cost per part

Two-Shot Molds: Benefit From New Technology

Some of the benefits of producing plastic parts using a multi-shot molding process include:

  • Produce more complex parts
  • Produce multi-colored or multi-resin parts
  • Parts with movable segments or components using “in-mold assembly”
  • Eliminate post-molding assemblies, such as:
    • Snap-fits
    • Ultrasonic welding
    • Adhesives
    • Screws or bolts
  • Allows the first material to cool before the second one is injected

Applications for Two-Shot Molding

Designers and engineers are constantly coming up with new uses for plastic parts produced with the two, three or four step molding process. Just a few of the many types of these products include:

  • Multi-color parts
  • Toys with movable parts
  • Flexible hinges
  • Parts with seals molded in
  • Soft grip handle inserts
  • Automotive A/C or heater louvers


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