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Thermoplastic Materials
NameShort nameBurning conditionFlame conditionCondition without fireSmell
PolypropylenePPEasysoften and drip, yellow in the upper and blue in the bottomLess smoke; continue to burnSmell of Oil
PolypropylenePEEasysoften and drip, yellow in the upper and blue in the bottomcontinue to burnSmell of burning paraffin
Polyvinyl chloridePVCDifficult;softenyellow in the upper and green in the bottom with smokeExtinguished without firePungent acid
PolyformaldehydePOMEasy to soften and dripyellow in the upper and blue in the bottom without smokeContinue to burnStrong and pungent smell of formaldehyde
PolystyrenePSEasysoften with bubbles, orange; dark black smoke; coal powderContinue to burn with oily and shiny surfacespecial vinyl smell
NylonPASlowsoften and dripFoam and extinguish slowlyOdor of special wool and nail
Poly methyl methacrylatePMMAEasysoften with foam light blue, white quality without smokeContinue to burnStrong floral odour and rotten vegetable odour
PolycarbonatePCEasy, soften with foama small amount of black smokeextinguish without fireWithout special smell
PolytetrafluoroethylenePTFENot burn  break down the pungent odor of hydrogen fluoride in the fire
Polyethylene terephthalatePETEasy, soften with foamOrange with a small amount of black smokeExtinguish slowly without fireAcid
Acrylonitrile – butadiene – styrene copolymerABSSlow, soften and burn without droppingYellow with a small amount of black smokeContinue to burnSpecial smell


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