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Rapid Plastic Injection Moulding

With the rapid plastic injection moulding, plastic products are widely used in various fields, penetrated all aspects of production and people’s lives. News In the process of injection molding, 80% used injection moulding, In recent years, automotive, construction, household appliances, food, medicine, and health.
Areas of increasing demand for plastic products contributed significantly to the level of the rapid development of the technology of Injection Mold and improved plastic mold.

Rapid plastic injection moulding

water-assisted inject moulding, injection mould technologies of multi-colour and hot runners and another new injection molding process is widely used. Was produced in plastic injection molding
Process, injection molded parts material, mold, injection molding machines, auxiliary equipment, molding the environment and other factors, domestic mold design
And the picture quality of a number of problems occurs frequently. However, home appliances, communications, consumer electronics, car interiors, optoelectronics, and other industries
Development, but then the wall thickness of plastic injection products made a more subtle, more complex structure, the surface is more beautiful, higher strength and other requirements. How to get high
Quality engineering plastic parts must be resolved urgently. Rapid thermal cycle plastic molds (RHCM) using the technique of heating and cooling medium
injection molding to obtain rapid heating and cooling, to achieve high-temperature melting and injection molding, is a non-Equity, shiny, plastic molding technology
Surgery, the appearance of injection molded parts available, such as no signs of welding, without signs of flow, no line of silver, with a shiny bottom. Using technology
Cancel the subsequent spraying process costs by eliminating costly secondary costs of processing, dramatically reducing production, saving energy and materials,
Eliminating pollution, improve the quality of plastic parts, reduce manufacturing costs, the effects of much environmental protection, to make the process run out of green plastic, chemical and biological
Production is a promising green injection molding process. To ensure the quality of plastic parts, plastic injection moulding heating and cooling in the design of the pipeline should ensure RHCM
uniform cavity surface temperature distribution and high-efficiency heating, this paper studies RHCM characteristics and requirements of injection molding process based on
Heating and cooling is proposed to set the shape and design the main principle, the same time, considering the plastic mold caused by water vapor heating, presented
RHCM basic calculation of mold, including plastic mold and cold water and steam heat transfer coefficient, the diameter of the cooling tube and the injection cycle route Heat budget analysis.


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