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Put Pretty S Waves in your Hair with a Double Barrel Curling Iron

Ever wonder how to get that smashing S wave on your hair? Curls are slowly creeping their way back into the fashion industry. Celebrities have flaunted them on the red carpet leaving the fans with a desire to attain the curls. The double barrel curling iron or 3 barrel curling iron wand is the answer. You now do not have to walk into your hair dresser’s salon every time you need a fresh curl for your hair.

Make sure to clean your hair properly.

Thoroughly dry your hair with a blow dryer.

Apply heat protection spray, and the curling iron is quite hot.

Divide your hair into manageable portions, and separate with clips.

Use the barrel placing about 2 to 3 inch parts of the hair for an effective curl.

Do this till you are done with all the hair. Make sure you use the barrel from your scalp to the end of your hair.

Loosen your hair by applying some hairspray and using your fingers. This will give it a silky sheen look.

Where can you Purchase This double barrel Curling Iron?

The double barrel curling iron or triple barrel curling iron can be purchased online. Conair products are of good quality and can be shipped to you through their website. They specialize in beauty products and tools. Hot tools also have these products giving you the joy of choice. They are also available in local beauty stores under the Conair and Hot Tools brands. Their prices range from $19 to $50 depending on the design and make. The tool is getting more sophisticated with more features being added to it. This also affects the price.

Be sure to use the right hair products during the curling to avoid hair breakage. The fact that you can use it often makes it safe for your hair. No more bad hair days! The process is quick and simple.

This style appeals to both the young and adults. It is safe to use, which means it can be used on children’s hair. Whether you hair is long or short, the double barrel iron will give it that unique finish without breaking you hair. The difference between the double barrel and the triple barrel is the number of curls created. The curling wand uses the same concept only with a wavy barrel. It produces the same effect with more waves and curls. It is used more with the children for that adorable look.

General Construction of the Iron

It is made up of various parts that give the hair that silky look. They are equipped with a ceramic conductor and pearl technology. This means that they cannot be corroded by the different type of chemicals used for the hair products. The ceramic part is also able to regulate the temperature making the finish even and beautiful. Unlike the old iron tongs, it comes with safety measures that make it an easy tool to use at home.

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