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Precision Plastic Mold

What are smart intelligent manufacturing equipment and tooling? The so-called intelligent manufacturing equipment is a perception, analysis, decision-making, and control of manufacturing equipment, Precision Plastic Mold is also a perception, analysis, decision-making and control functions with sensors, temperature control function of the stamping die,Die Casting Mold, with the temperature function, injection parameters and mold flow state, such as intelligent control of means to create the Injection Mold.

Precision plastic mold

 Industry experts pointed out that China’s low-cost human resources with unsustainable levels and the continuous development of science and technology, automation and intelligent manufacturing is bound to become an important direction of development of modern manufacturing, smart and will also plastic mold along with rapid development. Intelligent custom mold product quality and production efficiency can be further improved, more sections, automated manufacturing, and green manufacturing. Thus, although the total amount of intelligence is not many mould, plastic molding technology represents the new direction of development in the industry, product structure adjustment, and transformation of the mode aspects of the development will play an increasingly important role. Mold and develop intelligent, and will certainly promote the level of the mold industry, the rapid increase in the leading role played strong, therefore, a priority in the development of the industry is particularly necessary to the development of custom injection mold.

    Expert summary of services for the emerging strategic industries injection mould: the energy saving and environmental protection services, environmental protection industry mold.
    Such plastic injection molds primarily in energy saving lightweight automotive service mould, mold through the injection parameters and status of such intelligent control flow means to create high-Seamless and mold assembly of light decoration mould, stack mold, and rotating mold, two shot mold, multi-layer co-extruded composite molds, die multi-functional complex and efficient, LED light source supporting the new energy efficient electrical silicon steel molds and stamping dies and so on.
    Services for the new generation of the information technology industry with sophisticated functions such as sensing, ultra-precision molds. Such molds are precision large scale integrated circuit lead frame multi-position progressive die, multi-cavity injection of the first multi-lead frame package of precision rubber molds, electronic components and connectors, high-precision & high-speed multi-position progressive die, a new generation High precision electronic components multi-position progressive die and multi-functional composite efficient Die tooling, a new generation of intelligent electronic products forming mold plastic parts, high precision multi-layer light guide plate mold and die of things such as ultra-precision sensors.

    Services for the bio-medical device industry, precision ultra-precision molds. Mainly by these molds and dies for plastic injection molding parameters such as flow state within the means of intelligent control ultra-precision medical device manufacturing precision plastic injection molds, cutting-edge biotechnology and medical device industry, metal (stainless steel) powder injection mold, mold, and other biological chips.
    As “high-end equipment manufacturing industry,” the intelligence services, Die. Such large-scale CNC forming mold primarily in large-scale equipment for precision stamping die, for the heavy equipment for the precision forging die forging, casting equipment for the clean and efficient matching of large temperature precision casting molds for metal forming equipment for large-scale high level of precision plastic molds and engineering giant radial tires and tire molds for large CNC bending machines, bending machines and intelligent supporting large-scale precision CNC can be debugged without bending mode and smart indentation and bending dies, aerospace and defense industry-specific material forming mold and rapid tooling for the aerospace and defense industry-specific and special non-ferrous metal casting and forging stamping die mold, die EMU gearbox and ultra high speed (> 300 km / h) precision bearings die, military optical products aspheric lens and special lens forming mold, plastic metal and other materials and ultra-thin ultra-fine micro forming die parts, high-end manufacturing services for metal and non-metallic materials forming die so fast and efficient intelligence.
  Services for the new energy automotive industry mold. Such molds are new energy automotive batteries die, the new energy vehicle speed device dies, the new energy vehicles to plastic and steel and light metal and steel mold, energy-efficient hybrid car plant dies, hot forming mold automobile panels and multi-station automation stamping dies and so on.

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