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Plastic Mold Maker

Plastic Mold Maker

GC Precision Mold is a China plastic mold maker. Our strength is in making Automotive mold, household mould, medical mould,  chair mold, auto mould, create mould, etc. was organized in the spring of 2005 to pursue opportunities brought about with new requirements for innovation. Today’s innovation is a time-based competition. Demanding executives at aggressive companies are altering their measures by adding time competitive costs, quality, and responsiveness. Innovation is the key to long term vitality of all enterprises. Innovation means new products, new services and new ways of doing business.

The best CAD/CAM Software

Our engineering services use the latest 3-D solid modeling software, AUTOCAD, and UG, We design the mold in fully complete 3D mold drawing, which means everything is in the 3D mold design, We can design a new product from concept to market or engage in existing product design at any point. We can provide deliverable computer files, flat detailed drawings, or stereolithography models. we can accurately convert CAD files from any other CAD platform currently in use today.

Automotive interior molding

New Machines

Parts, molds, and tools are designed in UG and mold building with our high tech machines. Our mold manufacturing shops brand new modern machines. We can do pilot runs or full-scale global manufacturing for new products. 


 Our objective is to shorten the time-to-market and deliver injection molds and molding products of world-class quality. We are adequately financed, making it possible to heavily invest in a top class, experienced, well educated and professional team. GC mold has the capability to deliver a molds and plastic product to market in record time and get it done right without eliminating a department function. Our market exists in a broad spectrum of customers. This diverse customer base gives us the experience to handle a wide gamut of projects.


We will consistently improve our mold manufacturing process and our management systems to satisfy our customer with high-quality plastic injection mold & injection molding parts from time to time.

We will listen, innovate, work together to prevent errors and deliver faster and better than the next, always with zero defects as our goal.

GC team is to be treated by its customers as an extension of their own partner team, as the potential to develop new products fast.

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