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What’s IMD/IMF/IML/IMR injection molding?

IMD is known as free coating technology in China. The English name is In-Mold Decoration, and it’s a global popular manufacturing process for plastic molding products surface decoration. The main character is transparent hard material on the surface and figures or texts in the middle of the hard film and injection molded parts, this wold help to prevent the figures befing scratched or broken, what’s more, it would help the oil of the printting and colors won’t faded in a long period. Compared with the traditional injection molding processes, it’s a relatively automated manufacturing process and would save time cost a lot ,and meanwhile guarantee the reliability of the quality and figures variety…

IMD would also help to achieve some apperance that we can’t get through traditional molding, based on the application and process in the manufacturing, there are IML,IMF,IMR, all of them belongs to IMD process, IML is simplest compared with the other two process.Mainly used in 2D surface.IMF is similar with IML but could be used in 3D structures manufacturing. IMR differs with IML,IMF in the structure of the product, IMR products has a thin film on the surface,it would help to protect the product. and the film material technique is acquired by Japan manufactures and would be protected by the government, we’d have to import the material and it would also add the cost and time cycle if the project development…

I most conditions, IML and IMF would meet our demand in cost reduction and mass production for mainly these electronics cases, panels,etc. If you have any questuion for the IMD process, welcome to get in touch and we’d like to be help. To learn more plastic molding process and mold making knowledge, welcome to visit www.mold-toolmaker.com and contact us. Hitop, your personal injection molding specialist fot your new preojects development.

Post time: Sep-09-2019
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