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The common standard mold components in plastic mold building.

Mold making is a technical manufacturing activity and decide the efficiency of plastic injection moulding production, a good mold making partner would help you reduce molding costs and guarantee the quality of the molded products. As a experienced mold maker, Hitop may help you solve your mold making issues and reduce your mold cost. For the struture of a injection mold, it’s designed in a universal strandard, like HASCO,MISUMI,etc. Some mold components are also standard for mold making industry, and we’d like to have a simple introduction.

Mold base, it’s based on a international recongnized standard, HASCO,MISUMI,DME, etc. and usually the difference is in the steel material, it’s a option based on your demand of the tooling life.

Postion restriction post, a small component which would help to restrict the distance of the ejection.

Ejectors, used to eject out the plastic parts after injection molding.

Ejector Sleeve, it’s also a ejector in an extent, but different with ejectot pins, it’s usually work together with a pin and it’s an active component in the work.

Support post: also called support head, it’s using to support the mold and precent the mold from deforming in the high pressure injection molding  , so that it would help to guarantee the tooling life long enough.

Slider base: it’s using for fixing the slider and guarantee the normal work of the silder.

Wear resitance cube, it’s in the bottom of the mold and using to protect the mold base ,it’s hardened by special process.

Springs: Springs are selected based on the length and load ,it’s standard component,usually in different colors like yellow,blue,broown to distinguish the load range.

Edge Lock, it’s used between the mold plates to guarantee the accuracy of mold open and close.

Guide post, usually in the ejector plate to guide the direction of the mold open and close.


Post time: Sep-10-2019
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