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The common defects of 2 shots injection molding products

Double injection or mutil shots injection playing an important role in the manufacturing of injection moulding, especialy for these electrical and elctronics industry, for the 2 shots injection mold making and molding production process, there are always some problems that would affect the quality o the efficiency of the production, and we’d like to talk about some common issues in the 2 injection.

1. Products combine not well between the different shots, it may caused by temper difference between the male mold and demal mold or design issues causing the products hard to peel off from the female mold.

2. Press damage to molded parts, may caused by the too high injection pressure in the second shot or the first shoted parts deformation after mold open for second shot, there is also posibility that the second shot mold don’t have enough space for the femal mold ,it’s a design issure.

3.Material leak in the second shot, it may caused by the deformation or failed in injection of the first shot or the mold core issue causing the first shot ribs or wall thickness difference, if the second shot is soft material like TPU,TPE,etc. Then then reason maybe that the material temperature tool high.

4.Obvious material connecting line, it may caused by the poor venting design or improper injection gate design, or injection conditions like material temperature,mold temperature,injection pressure,etc.

For double injection moulding, we should take consideration of the different materials, the material temperature,injection speed and pressure,mold design,etc. all of them may cause the crack of the double shots molded parts. for further more questions of 2 shot molding in the production or mold making, welcome to get in touch for suggestion.

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Post time: Sep-11-2019
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