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What should we take care in the molding of glassfiber added plastics?

In the plastic injection molding process, to improve the property of plastic materials,we may have to add glassfiber to the raw material. So what should we take care for these added glasfiber plastic molding?Take Nylon as sample, here are some tips for your reference.

1. Temeprature, the flowability of the material would be reduced after added in glassfiber, so we need to raise the temperature of the material to ensure the flowability of the material, meanwhile, this would help to seperate the glassfiber ,and avoid the surface would be rough. As for the mold temperature, it shouldn’t be large difference with the material in case that the fiber would gather on the surface of the product and affect the apperance and quality of the product.

2.Pressure, higher pressure would help to fullfill the material, but when the pressure too high, it would case deformation, hard to peel off, saw edges,etc. The pressure should be controlled and fully considered in the condition of ribs thickness, injection gate, percentage of glassfiber, etc.

3. Screw pushing speed, too high speed would breake the glassfiber and affect the fuction to strengthen the material,even hurt the product surface and causing the defect rate raising high.

For these glassfiber added in materials injection, we should mainly take care of the glassfiber and make sure the fiber would coimbine well with plastim materials and won’t leak out and spperanced in the product surface. Of course, the most important is that the fucntion of the glass fiber would be guaranteed.

Post time: Sep-17-2019
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