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What’s 2k injection molding technology process?

2K injection molding, also called 2 shot injection moulding or double color injection molding. It’s a process that injection two or more differnent materials or colors in a same molding machine. Compared with traditional singgle color injection moulding, double injection hase below benifits.

1. Inner part could be molded in low viscosity material  in lower pressure to reduce the cost of machines and facilities.

2. For the environment, core part material could be recycle used and reduce the waste.

3.Considering the application of the molded products,like a hadle with soft material on the surface, the core parts material could be added in foam agent to reduce the cost and save materials.

4. in condition that the quality won’t be affected, the core part injection could be in cheaper cost materials to reduce the manufacturing cost.

5. The surface material could added in some special ingredients which would improve the property, to some extent,this would help to reduce the cost.

6. We’d have more choice for the surface design to meet the requirement for many different areas.

The double injection moulding process improves the efficiency of plastic moulding manufacturing in some areas, and cut off some procedures compared with the manufacturing in traditional single injection, meanwhile it also guarantees the quality of the products. Usually the double injection machine is expensive than the single injection machine, but it bring the product to a higher level. Usually the double injection mold are in two types, parall injection position or perpenticular position,it’s depending on the type of injection machines. and for more information of double injection mold design and making,welcome to contact us to talk about more.

Post time: Sep-12-2019
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