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  • What should we take care in the molding of glassfiber added plastics?

    In the plastic injection molding process, to improve the property of plastic materials,we may have to add glassfiber to the raw material. So what should we take care for these added glasfiber plastic molding?Take Nylon as sample, here are some tips for your reference. 1. Temeprature, the flowabil...
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  • What’s 2k injection molding technology process?

    2K injection molding, also called 2 shot injection moulding or double color injection molding. It’s a process that injection two or more differnent materials or colors in a same molding machine. Compared with traditional singgle color injection moulding, double injection hase below benifits...
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  • The common defects of 2 shots injection molding products

    Double injection or mutil shots injection playing an important role in the manufacturing of injection moulding, especialy for these electrical and elctronics industry, for the 2 shots injection mold making and molding production process, there are always some problems that would affect the qualit...
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  • The common standard mold components in plastic mold building.

    Mold making is a technical manufacturing activity and decide the efficiency of plastic injection moulding production, a good mold making partner would help you reduce molding costs and guarantee the quality of the molded products. As a experienced mold maker, Hitop may help you solve your mold ma...
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  • What’s IMD/IMF/IML/IMR injection molding?

    IMD is known as free coating technology in China. The English name is In-Mold Decoration, and it’s a global popular manufacturing process for plastic molding products surface decoration. The main character is transparent hard material on the surface and figures or texts in the middle of the...
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  • How to choose China plastic mold tooling and injection molding factory based on the purchasing cost.

    Since we all know that China made mold tooling and injection moldg products are good quality and  cheap price, it’s based on the perfect labour and supply chain, for a purchaser, how can we reduce the purchasing cost to the most in the purchasing process? 1. Factory position, in fact, most ...
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  • How is double shots injection molding works?

    2 shots injection molding is a process for overmolding, through this process we’d improve the efficiency of mutil procedures molding for mutil color and multi material products. Muti material injection molding is widly used in Electronics, home appliances and so on experience parts making.S...
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  • How to cooperate with Chinese plastic molding tool maker

    As a basic manufacturing industry country, “made in China” goes world wide and benifits so many people in global, considering the good development of the supply chain and lower cost, China made provides worlds manufacturers more choices in cost reduction and short lead time manufactur...
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  • The common defects of plastic molding parts.

    For more plastic molding parts defects, they may cuased by quite many different reasons. To continue our topic, below we list some more common defects of the plastic molded products. Gas line: it’s an obvious dark and looking different with the surface in the area, usually caused by too fas...
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  • The common defects of plastic molded parts and suggestions.

    For plastic injection moldiong manufacturing, all the new project would go through a process- mold trial before production, it means we’d recheck the mold by injection moulding,and according to the defects of the molded samples, we’d be able to find the problem of the mold and improve...
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  • How EDM/WEDM machining works in molf making industry?

    EDM and WEDM  are very common process in the mold making industry, how it works in the mold making process? The full name of the two process are Electrical Dishcharging machining and Wire Electrical Dishcharge machining, it works through the donfuctivity of metal and would be able to ensure the ...
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  • How to maintance a plastic injection mold?

    As a mold maker and injection molder, we export molds world wide to US, Europe and also other regions, some of our customers may need some suggestions for the maintance of the mold toolings. Here are some suggestions for you guys who may interested for reference. For the maintance, it includes da...
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