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How to care your hair

Hair grooming tools used efficiently enhance your “crowning glory”! Straight hair can be given waves with a diffuser attached to a hairdryer. Curls can be made into many different shapes with curling tongs or flattened with a hairdryer and straightening irons. Straightening irons should be used with an appropriate spray that suits your hair style. If you iron your hair regularly you need to be aware that it’s delicate and requires lots of care and the right products to keep it healthy: mousse, gel and conditioner (leave in) can all protect you.  When ironing your hair always put a protector in, slowly draw the irons down from the root to the end, at all times keeping the irons moving and following the direction of the cuticle. This will help your hair lie flat and provide a beautiful shiny look. to use the best quality of air hair curler from the best wholesale curling irons manufacturer is better option to take care of your hair.

Additional tips for keeping your hair healthy:

  • Drink lots of water. Every day you should drink eight glasses of water (two litres). Drinking water will hydrate your hair.
  • Get enough sleep. Looking after your body and hair starts with getting regular amounts of sleep. Lack of sleep can affect your skin and hair.
  • Exercise to stay healthy. When swimming it is best to apply conditioner to combat chlorine.
  • Be aware of how much you touch your hair. Try to avoid touching, flicking, picking rubbing of hair as this can all cause damage.
  • Massage your scalp gently when when applying shampoos and conditioners.
  • Give your hair a rest sometimes from daily washing so that natural oils do their job.

Here is some advice for looking after your hair: Find a hair stylist who exceeds your expectations,  one that knows about hair and can listen to what you prefer and provide you with a unique and beautiful look. Finding your stylist via word of mouth is often the best way to go, whether it’s via a friend, family member or colleague; inside information is vital. Great hair stylists know how to look after their client’s hair, will share advice, and provide recommendations of what products to use at home and which ones should be avoided and will be there for you if you have a hair disaster.  They will look to build a longstanding relationship with you that will benefit everyone.

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Always remember to use shampoo that is appropriate for your type of hair and keeps your hair looking great. Condition your hair at least once a week, more if your hair is dry. Use a finisher –  mousse, hair spray or gel to provide a memorable look. During sunny weather protect your hair and skin applying sunscreen on your hairline and face.

If you dare to do your own highlights, remember to leave enough room between highlights (an inch or more). For additional flair, add light highlights to your bangs and around the sides of your face. For a lighter hair look, brush highlights all through your hair with focus on your hairline. For a fuller look brush highlights on your cut, curls and waves. When curling your hair use a high quality cool air hair curler iron that preserves moisture, eliminates ours, and causes little to no damage to your hair cuticles. Additional resources on our site provide insight into the best hair curling irons out there.


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