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High speed hair dryer

Hair dryers are available in almost any store, doubtless and determined you can go to a discount or drug store to buy one you want. However, first it is advisable that you learn more about them.

If you are looking for a super efficient blow dryer that gets the job done best in a few minutes, Olayerpro high speed hair dryer is exactly what you need to buy. This lightweight foldable powerful high speed blow dryer is smartly designed with a far infrared light, NTC smart air temperature controller and built-in 200 million negative ions that prevents hair damage and keeps the hair hydrated. Moreover, it is the only professional lightweight high speed blow dryer that offers lifetime guarantee in case of any malfunctioning.

High speed hair dryer
High speed hair dryer

The Olayer professional high speed hair dryer comes with two nozzles plus one diffucer in total, one for brushing and the other for styling the hair. Moreover, the handle of the dryer is designed in a way that it offers a strong grip and ease of use. It works best on all sorts of hair without an exception. The engine makes no annoying noise which is a plus. It has three heat levels which enable you to set it according to your need.

Hair dryers basically have two switches: one switches on/off a hair dryer the other regulates the rate of airflow. More advanced models feature switch to control the temperature of airflow.

The main principle of operation of high speed hair dryers consists in accelerating evaporation of water from the hair’s surface. Hair dryers emit hot air that speed up evaporation according to the following scheme: the air around the hair gets hot; hot air sucks more moisture than cold one; high temperature it easier for the individual molecules in a water droplet to overcome their attraction to one another and move from a liquid to a gas state. Thus the most important parts of hair dryers are the heating element and motor-driven fan. The operation of devices is based on these two parts.

Once created, hair dryers started differentiating in designs and types. With the course of time the amount of hair dryers’ types has been increasing significantly, although there are little changes inside. In this respect it is necessary to mention safety concerns that are dealt with proper attention nowadays. Hair dryers are safety and modern-looking tools.

It is really fantastic that there is a possibility of creating one kind of energy into other. Like electric energy is transformed into convective heat to enable drying.

Hair dryers are manufactured to be easy to handle with lightweight, you don’t need much time and efforts to blow your hair dry:

  • Plugging in the far infrared high speed hair dryer and turning on button initiate the current flow throughout the hair dryer.
  • The power is supplied to heating element, which is nothing, but bare, coiled wire. However more expensive and advantageous models have heating elements with tourmaline-infused ceramic coating.
  • Simultaneously the current activate electric motor. Spinning electric motor turns the fan.
  • Fan-generated airflow does through heating element and gets warmer.
  • The hot air flows from the hair dryer.


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