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Curling Hair with a Flat Iron

Curling hair with a flat iron will not produce the same type of results as a dedicated curling iron. Curling irons provide 360 degree heat that is distributed to an entire length of hair when it is coiled around the barrel. Flat irons, on the other hand, sandwich the hair between two metal plates and are cool to the touch on the outside. Therefore, if hair is wrapped around the end of the tool it will only get hot at the small length clamped between the plates.

Curling hair with flat irons makes softer, looser curls and can be attempted in a couple of ways. The first way is to quickly run the tool down a small lock of hair several times until it is warm to the touch. Then the iron is slid down the hair one last time to the ends and the length of hair is quickly rolled around the iron. The residual heat from ironing will encourage the hair to use the shape of the iron as a roller. After a few seconds when the hair is freed from the iron the resulting curl will be loose with a bit of extra curl at the end from where the hair was closest to the heat. This is a good way to add body to limp hair.

Olayer wholesale flat irons manufacturer offers the best flat irons for hair straightening and curling.

Curling hair with a flat iron can also be accomplished by simply using the tool to bump the ends in a specific direction. Hair that needs to be coaxed into a direction different than its direction of natural growth can benefit from this method. The flat iron is simply run down the length of hair in the direction the ends need to be curled up into. Hair that will drape around a chin or hug a neck should be ironed from scalp to end with the tool held as close to the head as possible. Then, the iron is pulled sharply in the desired direction at the terminal end. This creates a long curve rather than an overt curl.

Alternately, to create volume hair should be coaxed in the opposite position from the one it will be styled in. When ironed from root towards the ceiling and pulled slightly towards the wrong side of the head or face, when the hair is finally laid down it’ll naturally sit up a bit because it has been temporarily trained to defy gravity.


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