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China mold Company for mold making

China mold Company for mold making

Failure of the proposal to satisfy these requirements may result in rejection of the proposal. China mold company, mold making china.

1. The designer/builder shall clearly state in the proposal that the mold is in compliance with CNA-TN specifications. Any and all exceptions shall be clearly listed and itemized within the proposal. mold making china.

2. The designer/builder shall be responsible to state within the proposal cycle time number of shots that can be processed per hour.

China Mold Company

3. All documentation is to be provided in English.

4. The supplier shall provide along with the quotation, a clearly stated schedule for all the key areas associated in building and providing the mold. The minimum key areas for scheduling are T0 (First), T1 (First) and T2 (First). The supplier shall assume the schedule will start upon the official issue of the CNA-TN purchase order. Other key information to include with a quote is estimated mold size (HxVxSH) and weight. China mold Company, mold making china.

5. The mold builder shall identify all sub-contractors to be used in the design, construction, and measurement of specified molds. The sub-contractor list (see page 4 of this specification) shall be filled out by mold builder and submitted with a quotation, and is subject to approval by CNA-TN Manufacturing Engineering.


1. All cold runners are to be 1/2 ” modified trapezoidal machined into the core half of the mold.

2. Cashew gates will be bar style only no split inserts. Holes for screws will be filled in with brass. Nozzle tip/ wafer must be on all drops and located directly over the sucker pin.

3. Fan gates will have ½” trapezoid with .250” wide gate and .050” depth and land length of .100”. Typical gate design for PC/ABS applications.

4. 2” clearance required between lifters and runners for EOAT gripper access.

5. All cashew gates will be connected with a 1/4” half round tie strap machined into the core. Vent holes are required between runners and clothesline. (China mold Company)

6. Do not place gates on speed nut attachment bosses.

7. All runners must be a minimum of 4” from edge of the parting line part surface to the centerline of the horizontal section of the runner to provide adequate clearance for the EOAT grippers during demolding.

8. Direct gates in to surfaces that are net surfaces must have a countersink at the nozzle tip to prevent the net surface from being distorted. A zero vestige gate will leave some distortion on the surface. The drawing below is for illustration only, the size of the countersink will be determined as required.

9. Direct gate on NET surface must be countersunk as designed.

10. Lifter gate design for typical gating on PC/ABS spoiler applications.


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