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China Automotive Mold Technology

In recent years, technological advances in the automotive mold are mainly in the following three aspects:

1.The equipment has been greatly improved

Whether it is new or old business enterprises, all have purchased a large number of advanced CNC without exception to advance automotive panel moldSuch as large gantry-type machining centers and CNC milling, advanced large-scale measuring and test equipment and multi-axis CNC laser cutting machines.

Automobile mold

2. Design and process technology has been greatly improved
In recent years, China mold companies have been using more and more three-dimensional CAD, and some companies have 100 percent application. At the same time, CAE technology has been widely used. Just like the CAE software from abroad, after a second development, the application has been greatly improved. In the other hand,  the self-developed, proprietary, advanced CAE software has been successfully applied in production.

3. Mold has been greatly improved
As the level of equipment and processing technology to improve mold design, coupled with the improvement of the quality of personnel and new technology in recent years, the level of domestic automotive panel mold and other automotive molds also will be greatly improved. International Association Secretary-General Luo Bai Hui said that raising the level of the plastic injection mold is multifaceted, which reflected in the whole injection mold manufacturing process. The mold we can’t produce in the past while now we have the ability. Now the difficult overall including fenders and side automotive panels of the mid-range cars.

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