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Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

If you want a multi-functional hair dryer that incorporates all the latest modern technologies, then this ceramic ion lightweight hair dryer made from Olayer hair blow dryer manufacturer is the perfect choice. Olayer hair dryer company have been making high quality hair irons products over 18 years and this ceramic high speed hair dryer can be considered as one of their top notch creations. It is powerful, light-weight with folding small size. It is based on an effective ionic technology. Sure, many of the hair dryers from hair dryer manufacturers today have it, but Olayer below dryer wholesale company has brought it to perfection.

Olayer lightweight high speed hair dryer Main Features

  • Design
  • Settings
  • Unique Technology


This high speed hair dryer from Olayer hair dryer wholesale company has one of the most interesting designs. It is one of the few ceramic ionic hair dryers that come in a folding design and diamond shape on the handle area. It looks perfect in a hair salon, but you will also like using it at home. The handle is made from a special material. It will not get damaged if you dropped the device accidently. It is resistant to all kinds of hits.


This folding design high speed hair blow dryer is quiet enough not to disturb your family while you are blow drying your hair (noise as low as 70db). The AC motor is made for heavy usage, so it is perfect for a professional salon where it can be used all day long. It comes with 4 heat/air levels and with a cool shot button, which gives ultimate styling. The heat technology makes sure that your hair will remain shiny and soft for a long time. Resin pick is another feature that you won’t get with other dryers.

Unique Technology

The advanced ionic technology works flawlessly especially because of the two concentrators that come in the package. This high speed hair dryer is able to be quiet despite its power. The shock protection plug makes it the safest device in its class.

The ceramic ion hair speed hair dryer made by Olayer hair dryer wholesale factory dries your hair faster than any other product, as it breaks up the water molecules into particles. That way, the natural oils that are so valuable for the hair will be preserved. The results are seen immediately: a softer hair, repaired cuticles and a revitalized look that lasts for days. Sure, this depends on the way you take care of your hair also, but this hair dryer is the perfect thing to start with.


The high speed hair dryer and all of hair irons made by Olayer hair straightener company comes with two year warranty, but you probably don’t need to use it. Users say that this dryer works perfectly for years and that its power and performances are not affected by time. Considering the astonishingly small price that you must pay for this device, we can consider this hair dryer as one of the most powerful in the class of cheap beauty products.


For a power of 1300 watts, you will probably expect a device with huge dimensions that will barely fit in your closet. It seems that Olayer managed to create a powerful yet small dryer, perfectly suited for travelling. In fact, it is one of smallest hair dryer that comes with that much power. The folding size is 50*90*205mm including 1.8 long cord, it is travel hair dryer as well, Its weight of 480g will save you some money on shipping also.


The 1.8m long cord gives you complete autonomy around the room. The ALCI shock protection makes sure that you will not destroy the plug when the device is unplugged accidentally. It has four adjustable speeds and heat levels. Some other dryers have more, but as said before, this is one of the cheapest professional hair dryers that you can find, so you can’t have it all for this price. Even so, 4 speeds are more than enough even for the most pretentious hair stylists.

The ceramic technology is also useful, as it eliminates static electricity, which is so harmful for the beauty of your hair. The cool shot button is the perfect thing to finish drying and to make sure that the ideal shape of the hair remains that same for a long time. With the concentrators included in the package, you will be able to style your hair in any shape and any volume.


The high speed blow dryer from Olayer hair blow dryer wholesale company is one of the fewest dryers that come with two concentrators and one diffuser in the package, as in this way, the dryer will work better and it will be more effective. Considering the fact that only the concentrators might cost $30 if you buy them separately, we can say that Olayer hair straightener manufacturer comes at a bargain price overall.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for this folding size of lightweight high speed hair dryer is generally positive. It has good rankings in the top sellers’ lists on Amazon, Ebay and other online stores where it can be found. According to buyers, it is one of the most reliable hair dryers in the cheap class of beauty products. It is the perfect way to get quality at a low price. If you want to buy a new hair dryer, but you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a device that does practically the same thing as Olayer, then this high speed blow dryer is the device you should opt for.


This is one of the best high speed hair dryer on the market today compare to other brand you do not need to spend high cost for this, there price range will be around $199-299, this is depending on where you are buying.


Olayer is hair dryer wholesaler and flat iron company in China, who make all of hair styler tools and export to the worldwide, the hair irons Olayer make such as, cold air curling iron, cold air hair straightener, wed to dryer hair straightener brush, and many more. If you are looking for private label flat iron manufacturer or OEM/ODM contract manufacturer for your hair irons project, you are welcome to contact olayer.

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