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Automotive Injection Mold

GC mold is plastic mold company, we are expert in automotive mold manufacturing, like inside door handle mold, inside door mold, automotive panel mold, car light mold, Grille Parts, Bumper Grille, Air Bag mold, Cup Holder, Rear view Mirror, Seat system components, Instrument Panel, etc. contact us to get more detail

The Chinese automobile industry’s rapid development of the domestic Automotive Mold has brought a broad space for development. In addition, because of cost and market factors led countries to die manufacturing center of gravity gradually transferred to China as the representative of the developing countries. A combination of factors at home and abroad to promote the rapid development of the domestic auto industry die, there have been many new car mold companies. According to statistics, in 2012 China’s key enterprises reached nearly 110 die. Wherein the stamping die 37%, China has become a veritable auto mold manufacturing country.
Chinese automotive injection mold production capacity of a strong competitive advantage in the world, however, due to the domestic high-end automobile die enterprises technology upgrading slow, lack of development and application of technological innovation capacity ability and mold new technology and other reasons, resulting in the domestic high-end mold development capabilities not yet fully meet the needs of supporting the domestic auto industry, high-end cars are still a large part of the mold need to rely on imports. So the domestic auto mold industry needs to be filled as soon as possible to make up the shortboard a major shortcoming of China’s automobile mold industry.

China’s auto industry as China’s top ten industrial revitalizations, by the national policy support, coupled with the car to the countryside, driven by China’s major automobile companies are increasing production, in 2012 China’s auto production more than 19 million, keeping global production and sales of the first position. Luo Hui said manufacturing an ordinary car itself would need about 1,500 dies, of which nearly 1000 stamping die and more than 200 pieces of interior mold. Affected by the rapid development of China’s automotive industry, China’s auto mold industry showed faster growth, market capacity expanded. According to the level of Japan, the United States, and other developed countries, the calculation of the automotive industry, in 2015 China’s mold services in the automotive industry if the proportion reached 40%, China’s automobile mold industry in 2015 total sales of 700 billion yuan. As China’s car production gradually ascending, domestic and foreign automotive plastic mould companies in China’s auto market to show its mettle, to some extent to meet the red-hot domestic demand and export demand, while also creating a mold for our auto industry, the upgrading of a good opportunity. Visible, the prospect of China’s auto mold industry is very broad.
Recalling the course of development of China’s automobile mold
The mold industry five-year plan has made it clear that the future of the automotive die industry would like to high, refined, sharp direction, which gives the current development of China’s automobile mold put forward higher requirements. Recalling along the way, bit by bit, China’s automobile mold has experienced a number of rapid development.
According to experts, the start of automotive die almost simultaneously with the car, since the 1950s, Changchun First Automobile Works project started, it has not stopped the pace of progress. In the 21st century, China’s automobile mold industry has experienced great development. Car cover mold design and manufacturing having difficulty, quality, and high precision characteristics, is best reflected in the level of auto mold. After years of development, China’s mold car service currently has approximately accounted for about one-third of all the mold production, we can see an important role in the automotive mould industry and the automotive industry. Especially in the automotive panel die it is directly related to the car models, so its position is particularly important.


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