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Automotive Mold Maker

Automotive Mold Maker

Auto mold making

In the development of the domestic auto mold industry, the Chinese auto industry sales mold needs and upgrade Automotive Mold Technology presents the following nine major trends.
1, automobile mold design three-dimensional position to consolidate.
Three-dimensional design is an important part of automotive mold digital car technology is to achieve automotive mold design, manufacturing, and testing integrated basis. Toyota, GM, and other US company has achieved a three-dimensional design of the mold and achieved a good effect. Some of the practices in foreign mold three-dimensional design to take worth learning. In addition to automotive mold three-dimensional design is conducive to integrated manufacturing, another advantage is easy interference inspection, it can interfere with movement analysis, to solve the two-dimensional design of a problem.
2, simulation (CAE) forming process more prominent role
In recent years, with the rapid development of computer software and hardware, Stamping Process Simulation (CAE) is playing an increasingly important role. In the United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries, CAE mold design and manufacturing technology has become a necessary part of the process, it is widely used to predict forming defects, optimize the punching process and die structure and improve the reliability of the mold design, reduce tryout time. Many enterprises in the domestic auto mold CAE applications have also made significant progress, get good results. Application of CAE technology can greatly reduce the cost of test mode, shorten the development cycle of stamping die has become an important means to ensure the quality of the mold. CAE technology is gradually molded design by experienced design into a scientific design.
3, digital technology has become a mainstream automotive mold maker
In recent years, the rapid development of digital technology mold is an effective way to solve many problems in the development of automobile molds facing. The so-called digital mold technology is computer technology or computer-assisted technology (CAX) application in mold design and manufacturing process. Summarized and auto mold computer-aided technology enterprise successful experience, digital car mold technology mainly includes the following aspects:

  • Design for manufacturability (DFM), that is, consider and analyze manufacturability in the design to ensure the success of the process.
  • Mold surface design of assistive technologies, the development of intelligent profile design. Process
  • CAE aided analysis and simulation of stamping, anticipate and address possible defects and forming problems.
  • Replace the traditional two-dimensional design with a three-dimensional mold design.
  • Mold manufacturing process using CAPP, CAM and CAT technology.
  • Technical guidance in digital processing solutions during tryout and stamping production problems.
automotive mold companies

4, the rapid development of automobile molds processing automation

Advanced processing technology and equipment is an important foundation to improve productivity and ensure product quality. In advanced automotive mold companies with dual table CNC machine tools, automatic tool changer (ATC), automatic processing of the photoelectric control system, the work piece-line measurement systems are not uncommon. CNC machining of surface machining from simple to the comprehensive development of processing surface and the surface of the structure, the development of Sino low processing speed processing, process automation technology development is very rapid.
5, high-strength steel stamping technology is the future direction of development.

Since the high-strength steel yield ratio strain hardening, strain distribution capabilities and other aspects of the crash has excellent properties, the amount used in the car is increasing. Currently, high-strength steel in the automotive stamping parts are mainly used in paint hardened steel (BH Steel), dual-phase steel (DP steel), transformation induced plasticity steel (TRIP steel) and the like. International ultralight vehicle project (ULSAB) in 2010 is expected to launch an advanced concept car (ULSAB-AVC) 97% of the material for high-strength steels, advanced high-strength steel in the vehicle timber account for more than 60%, of which two-phase steel will account for 74% of the proportion of car steel sheet.


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