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Automobile Molding Parts

Automobile Molding Parts for Automotive industry

The tendency of automotive industry as a whole is more gentle in 2011 has become an indisputable fact, and a major factor restricting automobile consumption is  –  oil prices. Therefore, the market’s  demand for new energy vehicles is increasing, the OEMs are also  make efforts of development of new energy vehicles, in order to seize market share. Faced with this situation, the foreign parts companies are increasing investment in new energy research and development components to meet the vehicle package. In contrast, the domestic brands, but the performance of parts enterprises is not satisfactory.

In the just-released first into the 2011 China’s automotive industry, “Zhen election” re-evaluation phase of the business activities of an interview survey, 90 percent of foreign-funded enterprises are increasing year by year, the new energy R & D efforts, a small number of non-core parts manufacturers also moving in a low-carbon, environmentally friendly direction, and gradually transition to new energy. The own-brand parts and components enterprises may see the development potential of new energy sources, but because of their understanding of the technology is still some gaps in the development of face layers of obstacles.On the other hand, in supporting the field of vehicle, its own brand Automobile Molding Parts  enterprises have not really adapted vehicle technology, changes in the structure, less understanding in this regard, it restricted the development of independent brands.

In order to shorten the gap between domestic and foreign auto parts enterprises, and further support the development of own brand components, in the first half, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries (Amendment Draft)”, in which key components for new energy vehicles shares than doing a clear: foreign investment in shares of no more than 50%.Introduction of this policy, for the development of foreign parts enterprises in China had no small impact. However, whether this move would be the local parts enterprises in the development of new energy sources play a role in promoting it? Reporters entering the “Zhen election” re-evaluation of the local parts enterprises made a survey, the results of local enterprises generally believe that the policy has some guiding role in foreign parts companies competing to occupy the Chinese market situation, a certain degree of reduced inhibition of its own brand.On the other hand, some companies said that in China there are still parts technical short board, under the premise that foreign policy will not lead to the development of new energy vehicles moved to other areas, which led to its own brand of technical weakness ?

For now, this is a technology to market or to the game, the effect will not be revealed shortly. However, we can see that countries in the “five-second” period of China’s automotive mold and auto parts market, the degree of attention. This independent parts in terms of brand, is an unprecedented opportunity, at the technical level of precipitation, will create a leap in the local parts industry.Therefore, foreign capital accounted for most of the market share in the case, we can look forward to its own brand in the new energy field force.


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